Our current project is an ’82 J10 Sportside Honcho with a rebuild 401.
Below are pics of the work in progress.
’82 Honcho Restoration
J10 upon arrival
J10 engine
J10 Interior
Taking apart - inside
Taking apart - front side
Old dirty part
Epoxy coated
Stainless screws & bolts
Chassis - dirty
Tranny - dirty
New leafs
Epoxy axle and chassis
New leafs
Epoxy chassis and axles
Rebuild break caliper
New stainless break lines
New stainless lines and new shocks
Rolling chassis - better than new!
Rebuilt 401
Rebuilt 401
New engine & tranny
Need new bearings?
Axle shaft
New disks and bearings
Installed rotor
Rebuilding axles
New proportionnal valve
New break springs
New break cylinders
New locking hubs
Temporary exhaust line
Soldering the exhaust
Off to the body shop
Primered cab
Off to get the bed
Front end
Motor cap
Preparing the bed for liner
Bed with liner
Bed with liner
New wires and fuse box
Rebuilt steering column
Taped wires
Fuse box
Installed fuse box
Mechanical Gauges
In we go again!
NOS AMC CB radio
New grill
New frontside
New dash and electrical seats
New window wipes and seals
New home made door panels
1st ride!
In the grass
Driving away
New mirrors
New backside
The heart of the beast
Fuel cap
Tail lights